Kids Art Classes

Whether you want a one time class or a homeschool or after school class session, we have it all for your kids! Classes include drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor, clay pottery/sculpture, art sketchbook, figure drawing, mixed media and more. We are the art resource for the entire community and help students of all ages explore their creativity through visual arts. The Rumriver Art Center is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.

Homeschool/After School Class Descriptions

Wondering if your projects from a previous clay class are ready? Check the Clay Firing and Pick Up page!

Acrylic Painting
Students will be using acrylic paint on canvas. This session students will be trying a few different approaches to painting landscapes from impressionism to realism. Using a step by step method students create their own acrylic creative painting on a stretched canvas. We use the layer method of acrylic painting, where you create your painting by using several layers over every part of the canvas. The beauty of acrylic painting is if you don't like, wait 5 minutes for it to dry and change it.
*Prerequisites: Students must have taken a drawing or sketchbook class, or receive prior approval from the instructor. Feel free to contact us with questions and we’ll be happy to discuss your readiness for the current class.
Cost: $85 + $25 material fee
Class size: minimum 5, maximum 12
Ages: 8 - 17

Art & Art History
This course takes students through the elements art and how various artists used them in their work. The class includes 15 to 30 minutes each week about art history and it influenced our lesson. Students will learn about artists from da Vinci to comic artists. Each class builds upon the previous class. The class combines drawing and other mediums. This class is a prerequisite for several other classes.
Cost: $65 + $10 material fee
Class size: minimum 5, maximum 12
Ages: 5 - 17

Artist Sketchbook
The Artist Sketchbook class combines creating art with how various artists created their work. This class focuses on the elements of art and how artists have used them in their work from ancient times to today. Students will be inspired by a particular artist each week and will have weekly assignment that will need to be completed. This class is a step by step drawing class where we take complex projects and …. All materials including sketchbook will be provided. We will spend around 15 minutes each class looking at and discussing the artist’s work. This is a prerequisite for many other classes.
Cost: $65 + $10 material fee
Class size: minimum 5, maximum 12
Ages: 5 - 17

Figure Drawing
This class is good for beginners as well as those continuing with their figure drawing practice. Warming up with quick, gesture sketches. Learn and practice proportions and correct relationship between the parts of the body, using guides like plumb-lines and negative spaces. Experience the chance to draw many types of figures.
Cost: $65 + $10 material fee
Class size: minimum 5, maximum 12
Ages: 10 - 17

Hand-Built Pottery
The hand-built pottery course will take students through process of working with clay, using under glazes and glaze. Different glazes and techniques will be incorporated into this course. Clay is an exciting and magical material. Students will learn the art and craft of clay while having fun and exploring their creativity. Hand-built pottery is a unique program offering a total hands-on experience while learning the techniques of shaping clay into Pinch Pots, designing and constructing Slab Projects, building unique Coil Vessels, Clay Decoration, and Glazing. Come learn the art and craft of clay.
Cost: $65 + $25 material fee
Class size: minimum 5, maximum 12
Ages: 5 - 17

Mixed Media
The mixed media class gives the students the opportunity work with several different mediums on several different materials. The students will chance to work with collage, printing, stamping and more. Artists like Picasso, Miro and Warhol are used to inspire the students projects.
Cost: $65 + $20 material fee
Class size: minimum 5, maximum 12
Ages: 5 - 17

Students will learn about photography through the eyes of different artists. A digital camera is required for this class. Part of this class may be outside along the Rum River.
Cost: $65 + $5 material fee
Class size: minimum 5, maximum 12
Ages: 10 - 17

Watercolor is delightful, fresh, exciting, messy, delicate and tender, all at the same time. It is an enormously popular painting medium and has been since the nineteenth century. The most brilliant quality of watercolors is transparency and in this camp students will learn how to use it in their watercolor paintings. We will learn how to use the palette, how to mix color in order to have the right shade, and a lot about brushes and brushstrokes. In this course we will learn a lot about composition, light and form, tonal painting, and negative space.
Cost: $65 + $15 material fee
Class size: minimum 5, maximum 12
Ages: 8 - 17

Wheel Throwing Pottery
In this class students will learn the basic wheel throwing techniques. Each class meets once a week for 2 hours to teach the basics of wheel thrown pottery: wedging, centering, pulling, trimming, glazing, and basic studio etiquette. Included in the cost is everything you need while you are in class: basic pottery tools, buckets and towels, 25 lbs of clay. You will be responsible for your clay and if necessary you can purchase an additional 25lbs of clay and clay tools.
Cost: $100 + $35 material fee
Class size: minimum 5, maximum 10
Ages: 10 - 17

Homeschool and After School Classes

Want to volunteer at our Kids Art Fun Night? CLICK HERE!

Kids Art Fun Night
Enjoy a night out knowing your child is in a fun and safe environment!
We will provide a fun art project on canvas paper. We teach the project with a step by step approach allowing the more experienced artist to move ahead and making the novice artist feel confident.
There will be a break for a snack part way through the evening. You can either send a snack with your child or we have snacks (pop, chips, candy) for purchase in our Art Cafe. All snacks are $1.

Space is limited so register early!
Friday 4/26

Drop off from 5:50pm to 6:00pm and pick up at 8:00pm
Ages: 5 to 15
Cost: $5 - $10
When we put on a Kids Art Fun Night we have had an average shortfall of $100 per kids night for the past 2 years. The cost has gone up as we are offering more art mediums such as acrylic painting and polymer clay. With that said, we are changing the cost to $10 for those who can afford to pay it and $5 for those who truly cannot. It’s your choice. We appreciate your support of the Rumriver Art center, your community art center in the North Metro.

Spring Schedule

Wednesdays 2/27-4/3

10:00am-11:30am Hand-Built Pottery -  Cost $90 - includes all materials

Thursdays 2/28-4/4

10:00am-12:00pm Photography - Cost $75 - includes all materials

1:00pm-2:30pm Figure Drawing Cost $75 - includes all materials

Each session has six classes that meet once a week.  There  is description at the bottom of the page for the classes.

Spring II Schedule

Wednesdays 4/10-5/15

9:30am-11:30am Wheel Throwing - Cost $135 includes all materials

10:00am-11:30am Mixed Media  - Cost $90 includes all materials

1:00pm-2:30pm Artist Sketchbook - Cost $75 includes all materials

1:00pm-3:00pm Acrylic Painting - Cost $110 includes all materials

Thursdays 4/11-5/16

10:00am-12:00pm Photography - Cost $75 includes all materials

1:00pm-2:30pm Figure Drawing - Cost $75 includes all materials

6:00pm-7:30pm Art & Art History - Cost $75 includes all materials