The art center began in 2009 as a small 500 square foot studio and has expanded to over 5,000 square feet with the addition of an art cafe and library, a ceramic studio, a larger multi-purpose studio, and four private artist studios in a historic milk factory along the Rum River. We opened a community art gallery in the fall of 2018 for local artists to showcase their work and have been organizing a community art fair in Ramsey each summer since 2016. We reach over 10,000 students annually of all ages, ethnicities, abilities, and economic backgrounds offering the opportunity to grow artistically and creatively while building confidence and social skills. We started with a simple drawing class to now offering a full range of art mediums. The art center offers programs for public and private educational institutions, summer art camps for youth, and art courses for homeschool families. We serve local teenagers though our teen art club in the summer. We now provide classes to older adults with our Vitality Arts program that began in April of 2018. 

COMMUNITY GOAL: Our goal at Rumriver Art Center is to be an art resource for the entire community and help students of all ages explore their creativity through visual arts.

We offer art classes to homeschool, after school, and adult art students year-round.
Classes include drawing, painting, watercolor, clay pottery/sculpture, art sketchbook, stained glass, polymer clay, figure drawing, mixed media and more.
Students can explore everything from classic artists like Leonardo da Vinci to pop culture like Pokemon.

SO, WHAT'S NEXT? We realize that as our community changes, our needs are changing as well. And in order to foster this growth, we need help! We certainly appreciate monetary donations, but are also looking for partners in the community to help us expand and facilitate more art programs locally, as well as business partners and volunteers to help with financial forecasting and reaching funding needs for our non-profit.

OUR GROWTH: The Rumriver Art Center has grown over the last eight years from teaching several classes a week, to now offering classes for homeschoolers, after school programs, students of all ages, the Anoka County Library, community events and summer camps. We reach over 7500 students a year and have partnered with Artists del Norte making the Rumriver Art Center their home.

Form corporate sponsorships
Improve our volunteer programs to include business partners (Starbucks 2016, Kohls 2017)
Research grant programs to fund our programs
Offer scholarships to deserving individuals (Mary T made the first donation to the fund)
Expand our reach to more families and individuals in the community by offering more programs at more venues