The Rumriver Art Center is a 501(C)(3) non-profit. We depend on your support to keep offering programs to unleash creativity. The art center is 95% funded by people like you taking classes and making donations. We do not receive any federal or state funding. Your donations to Rumriver Art Center goes to support the programs and growth of art in our community. The growth of the Rumriver Art Center has come from your support. Thank you!

Contribution Amount

Donation: $5 or more
Donor - $ 25.00
Friend - $ 50.00
Supporter - $ 100.00
Patron - $ 250.00

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Mary T Donation to Scholarship Fund

Andover/Ramsey Mom's Club Donation to PreK program

Want to Donate Items to Rumriver Art Center?

Here is a list of our current needs:

Solid plain fabric table cloths 
Rolling pins
Wooden brayers
Full/chef/art aprons 
Old fashioned wire cheese slicers 
Dry cleaner plastic
Paper towels

Recognition of Our Donors
Many Thanks for Your Support!
Girl Scouts 
G-Will Liquors
American Specialties
Two Scoops
Anoka Halloween