About Us

The Rumriver Art Center offers art classes to PreK, homeschool, after school, and adult art students year-round. Classes include drawing, acrylic painting, watercolor, clay pottery/sculpture, art sketchbook and mixed media. We also offer these classes and more in our Summer art camp. Our goal is to be an arts resource for the entire community and help students of all ages explore their creativity through visual arts. The Rumriver Art Center is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization.

Organization Information
Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Organization Tax ID 455548481
Contact Information
Rum River Art Center Inc
2665 4th Avenue, Ste 102
Anoka MN 55303

Telephone: 763.323.8830
E-mail: info@rumriverart.com
Website: www.rumriverart.com
Director: Larry Weinberg - larry@rumriverart.com
Volunteer Director/Officer: Susan Yee - susan@rumriverart.com
Office Manager: Lindsay Ingebritson - lindsay@rumriverart.com
Instructors: Larry Weinberg, Angie Renee, Jessica Merk and Mike Johnson